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3: What to do on a Gap Year

September 15, 2017

Taking a gap year whilst at University is a great way to learn languages, get work experience abroad and make amazing memories that last a lifetime. 

This episode interviews Jenny, a very good friend of mine (we met in China) who decided to go to University and to travel. She shares her gap year adventures and working overseas whilst travelling. 

If you don't know whether to go to University or to go travelling, this episode is perfect for you...


This travel episode is about:

  • Working as a Ski Instructor in the French Alps
  • Travelling the world to learn languages
  • Teaching English in Barcelona
  • Travelling during University summers
  • Travelling China 
  • 16 month trip  
  • Travel in the summer or the winter
  • Canada as her favourite country
  • Culture shock of travelling Peru and Bolivia

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