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2: How to travel with a friend

September 15, 2017

Clare always wanted to travel and decided that this year she would actually do it. She planned her round the world trip, travelling with a friend the whole way. 

Her travel story is full of travel inspiration, is relatable and just brilliant! She talks about money, finally deciding to actually go, how she planned it and how she feels now she's back home. 
A great episode if you're trying to decide between having a career or going travelling.

This travel episode is about ...

  • Deciding to travel before starting a career
  • Travelling with a friend
  • Planning her Round-the-world Trip
  • Choosing her destinations rather than relying on a Travel Agent to tell her where to go!
  • Her fave country ....(this may surprise a few of you)
  • Having a wild card destination
  • Her budget for the trip
  • Tips on how to save money to go travelling
  • Tips on saving money whilst travelling 
  • Her shocking realisation of the treatment of girls in Asia
  • Paying it forward - her plans to use her Career to make a difference to young women in the world.

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