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9: How to Stop Getting Jet Lag

January 30, 2018

Jet Lag is a common problem that Travellers get when travelling to different time zones around the world. But do you ever wonder how people who travel all the time, don’t seem to be bothered by it? How do they do it?

In this episode I share with you a Travel industry secret that I learnt from my time as Cabin Crew and used to stop getting jet lag when I went backpacking. It is so simple and straightforward, you just need to follow the rules…

Listen for a short & sweet, simple tip that will solve a really annoying problem.

How to stop getting Jet Lag...


This travel podcast is about ...

  • Jet Lag - occurs when there's a significant time difference between your departure point and arrival point (sometimes as little as 4 hours difference can spark jet lag).

  • Altering your routine as soon as you can

  • Resetting your watch and phone BEFORE your fly

  • Changing your meals times and sleeping pattern

  • What to do when you arrive at the airport for your flight

  • Reset you watch to match your destination's time

  • Only eat when your destination would be eating

  • Only sleep (Rest) when your destination would be sleeping

  • My example;

    I'm departing the UK to fly to New York

    New York is 6 hours behind the UK

    I leave at 9 am, so it would be 3 am in New York, so I will want to get some sleep or rest using my comfort kit

    I would only eat if my destination was eating, and then I would be matching their meals

  • Limit the amount of food that you eat and eat lighter meals

  • Match the sleeping pattern of the destination that you are flying to.

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