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1: Solo female travel during a career break

September 15, 2017

Live from Cambodia, with female traveller Kavita, who's been travelling for 23 months. This episode is full of travel tips, solo adventures and inspirational ideas. 

After deciding to take a career break from her job as a Teacher, Kavita booked her travel around the world. Travelling Europe, America, Australia and Asia, including Russia. This woman is incredible and has a love of travel and seeing what the world has to offer.

If you want to be a solo traveller and really want to go travelling, then this episode is for you...


This travel episode is about ...

  • Travelling and working in Australia
  • Travelling China - Kavita's fave place to travel
  • Drone pics with Chinese locals
  • Christmas away from her family
  • Travel tips - saving money, packing bags, and asking the locals
  • Language barriers
  • Overcoming fears of mopeds, ice-skating and personal safety
  • Leaving the make up at home
  • Kavita's Travel Bucket List
  • Chinese numbers with hands (pic from my China travel guide can be found here)


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