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37: My big decision since coming back from Japan

October 18, 2018

It’s time I do something that I’ve always wanted to do and keep putting off...Now's the time that I'm making a change...

After arriving back from Japan, I've made a huge decision. I have finally decided to go and learn that language that I always said I would do. 

Now this may not seem like a really big deal to you but for me this is huge. This is massive.

I feel very excited and very nervous. I'm stepping way outside my comfort zone because next year I want to travel to Central America.

In this episode...

I encourage you to make a decision now… what can you do right now towards going travelling?

Make this year the year you travel

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This is my declaration to you all... I am learning Spanish so I can travel and have a conversation with the locals

I haven’t over thought my decisions, I found a course, went to an open day liked the teachers and booked on the course.

Get a post-it note and write down
‘I am going travelling in 20__ to ___________________
I am so excited’

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