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28: Don’t plan your travel without having a rest stop

July 24, 2018

So many travellers overlook planning a rest stop. They think they can just travel and travel and not take time out. That's their biggest mistake and how they get travelling so wrong.

Planning a rest stop is one of the best decisions that you'll make. Moving from culture to culture is exciting and thrilling but also overwhelming. It tires you out so quickly and leaves you feeling exhausted.

Having a rest stop in a place that isn't full of tourists or loads of things to do, will enable you to just stop. Relax. Breathe. And catch up with yourself. You'll feel refreshed, revived and ready to take on your next destination.


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Why you should plan a rest stop

How to plan a rest stop

My experience of using Pisa in Italy as my rest stop

How to decide where to have a rest stop

When you should plan in a rest stop


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