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25: How much money to take travelling

July 3, 2018

Are you struggling to figure out how much money to take travelling? How do you know if you've got enough?

In this episode, I talk you through how to budget. Yes how to budget for your trip.

Whether you're travelling for a week, a month or even a year, this budgeting template will work for you.

Get the budget template here or at


This travel episode is about ...


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  • Being a budget traveller - does not necessarily mean being on a shoestring budget or getting as much for free as possible
  • Great tip - always over budget
  • Budget template can be used for all travel lengths – 1 week, month, 1 year
  • My general rule for estimating for a country is taking £1000 per month (this is my personal spending)
  • Get the budget template here
  • Set yourself a daily budget

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